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About Us

We have been a leading provider of Amazon return pallets for more than 10 years . Our expertise lies in dealing with returned goods. With our five transshipment warehouses located throughout Germany, we move over 500 pallets every month in Germany and other EU countries. Our dedicated team, consisting of nine employees, is busy handling the pallets and boxes from Monday to Friday. To ensure we are always available, we offer a live chat service available seven days a week. Our headquarters are located in 26160 Bad Zwischenahn / Ammerland.

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Why we?

  • shipping faster
  • 24/7 support
  • Inventory lists for each pallet
  • 10+ years of experience
  • fair conditions
  • Pallets are unopened
  • Support in German & English

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Where do our goods come from?

Since starting our wholesale business with returned goods, the most frequently asked question we receive is where do these huge amounts of returned goods come from. Germany is the returns world champion, leading in the statistics of the number of returns per capita worldwide. This large number of returns is mainly due to the fact that the inhibition threshold for returns is extremely low among Germans. Even if the goods arrive just a few days late or you simply don't like them anymore, they will be sent back. This is probably due to the statutory cancellation period of 14 days in B2C business. Below you will find a small slideshow about the origin of the returned goods.

  • Frank L. - family man

    "I am very satisfied with my purchase of a toy return box from DR24. The goods were mostly in good condition and the delivery was prompt. I was able to get some bargains and saved a lot of money. My children were also very happy!"

  • Erhan S. - Angestellter

    "As a bargain hunter and independent reseller, ordering a returns pallet from DR24 was a great decision. All items from the inventory list were also included. There were a few items that were defective, but overall the pallet was definitely worth the price."

  • Vanessa H. - Shop owner

    "I run a small drugstore in Barntrup. In order to increase my inventory cost-effectively, I became aware of the return pallets from DR24. Most of them were branded items, which I was able to sell very well. Can only recommend them."

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